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After Eight Show - Music That You Just Don't Hear Anywhere Else!
Relaxing, melodic, grown-up music.
Category: Alternative
Location: Essex
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This is a podcast of a music programme that goes out live every Tuesday evening 8-10pm (UK) on switchdunmow.com We play music ...

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June 17, 2018 12:57 AM PDT

This week we presented our #BestoftheBest compilation. Mark and I each chose our favourite track from each of the preceding ten shows - making 20 tracks in all. A distillation of the very best of our MUSIC THAT YOU JUST DON'T HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE!

Amongst our selections, there was #NewMusic from Daniel March + Ashley Beedle, Lo-ghost, Kerala Dust + Brooke Bentham, U.S. Girls, A House In The Trees, Alfa Collective, Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya, emma miller music, Gongkreeper, Hydeous, Chelsea Como Music + Jacko, Mishaped Pearls, Ga-Nu + Turtle and others.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Eyes Still Fixed – Amarillo
Falling For You (Ashley Beedle’s North Street Vocal remix) – Daniel March, Ashley Beedle
Night Flowers – Lo-Ghost
The Chain – Kerala Dust, Brooke Bentham
Velvet 4 Sale – U.S. Girls
Ravensdale – Monica Heldal
Tuesday Afternoon – A House In The Trees
North Cormorant Obscurity – Rykard
Canvas – Alfa Collective
Mama Ka Bafana – Nelisiwe Sibiya
I’ll Wait – Be Cool
Wasteland – Emma Miller
Arm’s Length – Gongkreeper
Wheels Within Wheels – Penguin Cafe
Reach You – Harry Jay-Steele
The Strength In Me – Hydeous
Still I Rise (Black Panther Vocal Mix) – Chelsea Como, Jacko
Queen May – Mishaped Pearls
Wandering Soul (Turtle remix) – Ga-Nu, Turtle
Palomino – Gemma Hayes
Control – Gott’s Street Park, Grand Pax

June 09, 2018 01:08 PM PDT

There was #NewMusic from Ganou, Rosario Kalenga + Inami + Jackie Queens, A House In The Trees, TIKA, Oneohtrix Point Never + ANOHNI, Orricle, Pendentif, Wildwood, UX, Matt Millard, Healthy Junkies, Songs Of Boda, The Magic Lantern, Nia Wyn, Edward Simon and others.

Our Luvva Cover feature was a dramatic reinterpretation of a famous song by Johnny Cash. The cover is by an #indie #singersongwriter called She is Wildwood and the mood of the song is completely transformed. Really interesting - do give it a listen!

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Wandering Soul – Ga-Nu
African Woman – Rosario, Inami, Jackie Queens
Amazing Gray – A House In The Trees
I Would – Kan Wakan
Breathe In (Carmen Rizzo remix) – Low Roar
Debt – TiKA
Black Snow – Oneohtrix Point Never, Anohni
Palomino – Gemma Hayes
Viciss – Orricle
Vertige Exhaussé – Pendentif
Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash
Ring Of Fire – Wildwood (Luvva Cover feature)
Upsidetangle – UX
Falling Now – Matt Millard
No Control – Healthy Junkies
Iago – Songs Of Boda
Holding Hands – The Magic Lantern
Turnstiles – Nia Wyn
Triumphs – Edward Simon
Suffolk Down Upon The Night – The Court & Spark

June 03, 2018 02:43 PM PDT

We had more #NewMusic than we knew what to do with! An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. And mostly from artists who you have not heard of - yet! Think 'next series of Jools' - that's the kind of artists that we play.

We had #NewMusic from Paul White + Shungudzo, Wily Bo Walker, Chelsea Como Music + Jacko, Shaun Richardson, Palace Winter, Elsa Hewitt, Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya, Mishaped Pearls, Common Holly + Jean-Michel Blais, JUPITER-C, DEATH MACHINE, Horatio Luna + Syrene Favero, Austin Colón, Dear Life, RASiDA, TIKA, Matt Millard and others.

Our Luvva Cover feature takes a beautiful song by Sade and transforms it in the hands of Deftones - an American alternative metal band. But their treatment of the song is surprisingly restrained and moving.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Ice Cream Man – Paul White, Shungudzo
Fool For You (Valentine Massacre Blues) – Wily Bo Walker Band
Still I Rise (Black Panther Vocal Mix) – Chelsea Como, Jacko
Alone – Shaun Richardson
Take Shelter – Palace Winter
Novemberz – Elsa Hewitt
Nomathemba – Nelisiwe Sibiya
Like No Other – Feather (aka Fehdah)
Queen May – Mishaped Pearls
Lullaby – Common Holly, Jean-Michel Blais
No Ordinary Love – Sade
No Ordinary Love – Deftones (Luvva Cover feature)
Bleak – Death Machine
Hold Me – Jupiter-C
Work It Out – Horatio Luna, Syrene Favero
Love, Frail – Austin Colón
Round But Jaded – Dear Life,
My Protest Song - RASiDA
Flow – Sotu The Traveller

May 27, 2018 01:41 AM PDT

Another great show with a fabulous selection including #NewMusic from mAsis, Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers, Lydia, Kara Marni, Ailbhe Reddy, Linying, Rounds, I See Rivers, Harry Jay-Steele, Arctic Lake, Hydeous, Leon Waldo, Stoneygate, Jamie Isaac, Furns, Just A Dream and others.

It was Mark's turn to choose the Luvva Cover this week. Think Saturday afternoon, think enormous crowds waving flags - no, not the Cup Final. Mark chose a really interesting cover version of Billy Idol's topical song by Canadian singer/songwriter Ian Kelly. The album is called Diamonds and Plastic - I wonder how many plastic and glass tiaras were on show in Windsor at the weekend.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Always You – mAsis
Lonely Leavin’ Town – Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
Goodside – Lydia
Golden – Kara Marni
Relent – Ailbhe Reddy
Tall Order – Linying
Feel – Rounds
Evening Light – I See Rivers
Reach You – Harry Jay-Steele
What You May Find – Arctic Lake
White Wedding – Billy Idol
White Wedding – Ian Kelly (Luvva Cover feature)
The Orange Terrace – Bombay Dub Orchestra
The Strength In Me – Hydeous
The Only One – Leon Waldo
Solitude In Numbers – Stoneygate
Wings – Jamie Isaac
Good Things – Furns
Emjae – Just A Dream
Can You Hear Me – Katie Kittermaster
Vibrate - GeeJay

May 16, 2018 03:09 PM PDT

Tonight we had #NewMusic from Lean Year, Samantha Clemons, Lastlings, Wyvern Lingo, Gongkreeper, SHENZI, Let's Eat Grandma, Ethan Gruska, Becky Green, #Infinigenesis, Penguin Cafe, Eliza Shaddad, Crayon + Lossapardo, Janne Schra, Megan Dixon Hood, Pierre Kwenders, Tuvaband and others.

Our Luvva Cover feature was the first single release from a forthcoming album by the wonderful jazz vocalist Beverley Beirne on which she has taken a number of 80s pop standards and given them a makeover using her deep, soulful voice and lightning swing arrangements by her band. “Beverley has a very special album here” - Grammy Winning Producer, Jason Miles.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Watch Me – Lean Year
Burn – Samantha Clemons
You – Lastlings
Snow II – Wyvern Lingo
Arm’s Length – Gongkreeper
Heavy – Shenzi
Falling Into Me – Let’s Eat Grandma
Me Who Wasn’t Trying – Ethan Gruska
Calling You – Tom Szirtes
Tears – Becky Green
Too Shy – Kajagoogoo
Too Shy – Beverley Beirne (Luvva Cover feature)
Too Late – Infinigenesis
Wheels Within Wheels – Penguin Café
White Lines – Eliza Shaddad
Fate – Joseph Lofthouse
Foam Island – Darkstar
Pink – Crayon, Lossapardo
Paris Syndrome – Janna Schra
Sea Of Ice – Megan Dixon Hood
Words Of Solitude – Pierre Kwenders
Trees - Tuvaband

May 05, 2018 04:52 AM PDT

We had #NewMusic from Micatone, Soothsayers, Wooly Mammoth, Civil Wray, Rabino, Emma Miller, Hollie Cook, Equals Band + Awks, Oddnesse, Shannon & Keast, Mammal Hands, Little Dragon, Escondido, PUKK, Joshua KYEOT, Anchorsong, Yazmin Lacey, Lizzy Land + Best Picture and others.

Switch Dunmow's #RecordOfTheWeek is a fabulous new single 'New Eyes' from Toronto singer/songwriter Monique Barry. We were given an exclusive preview of the song which is on release this week. Her music brings together a mix of folk, lounge, rock, classical, ambient soundscaping, and techno pop.

And our Luvva Cover feature is a gentle acoustic jazz treatment of a beautiful song from a very famous children's film (enjoyed by countless adults as well!). Think chocolate, hold your breath, make a wish ...

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Barbed Wire – Micatone
Dis & Dat – Soothsayers
Can’t Stand The Soul – Wooly Mammoth
Don’t Make Me – Civil Wray
Crocodile – Rabino
Wasteland – Emma Miller
Angel Fire – Hollie Cook
I’ll Wait – Be Cool
No Right – Equals, Awks
Trust – Oddnesse
Pure Imagination – Gene Wilder (from Willy Wonka)
Pure Imagination – Shannon & Keast (Luvva Cover feature)
Black Sails – Mammal Hands
High – Little Dragon
Darkness – Escondido
Rain Calls Me – Keisuke Yoshiura
New Eyes – Monique Barry (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
Sunshine Kisses – Pukk
Playground Sweethearts – Joshua Kyeot
Slider – Anchorsong
Something My Heart Trusts – Yazmin Lacey
Bad Things (Best Picture remix) – Lizzy Land, Best Picture

April 27, 2018 09:55 AM PDT

This week, we had #NewMusic from Yoste, Son Little, Halfpenny, Church of Trees, Georgia Fearn, Sam Levin, Mocky, Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya, De-Phazz + Pat Appleton, Jam In the Van + The Reverend Shawn Amos, Slush. Beats. + Crystal (Beluga Collective), Niia + Gallant, Alfa Collective, Vincent Pine, Elsa Hewitt, Kinobe, BARBAROSSA and others.

This week's Luvva Cover is a real surprise! There is a mobile studio in the US called Jam In the Van which has recorded over a thousand artists / bands who often don't have the resources for 'normal' studio time. Tonight, we feature The Reverend Shawn Amos doing a cover of one of David Bowie's best known songs. To say that it has a different mood is an understatement - but it is really interesting what he has done with it. Give it a listen!

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Arc (Stripped version) – Yoste
Mad About You –Son Little
This Is Just Me – Halfpenny
Primitive Creatures – Church Of Trees
L’Amour – Georgia Fearn
With Love And Compassion – Sam Levin
Problematic – Mocky
Mama Ka Bafana – Nelisiwe Sibiya
Spoiled – De Phazz, Pat Appleton
Down - XamVolo
The Jean Genie – David Bowie
Jean Genie- Live – Jam In The Van, The Reverend Shawn Amos (Luvva Cover feature)
Rain Falls – Andy Cato
Hush Bby – Pur (aka Slush), Crystal
Constantly Dissatisfied – Niia, Gallant
Canvas – Alfa Collective
Perfectly Familiar – Vincent Pine
Somewhere Else – Elsa Hewitt
Thought It Was You – Kinobe
Cyclone - Barbarossa
Beams - Tape

April 22, 2018 01:11 PM PDT

We had #NewMusic from Gotts Street Park + Grand Pax, Sue Foley, Hector Plimmer + Emma-Jean Thackray, A House In The Trees, SIPPRELL, Hanging Valleys, Violet Maile, Josin, Plants and Animals, Jade The Moon, Run Logan Run, Grace Solero, Laura Misch, Bradlee, Amen Dunes, GeeJay and others.

Our Luvva Cover feature was from a Spanish band called Soul and Roll. They have taken a classic soul number by Rose Royce and given it almost a bossa feel. Really nice!

Switch Dunmow's Record of the Week was by New Town Kings - a ska-reggae band from just up the A12 in Colchester. They blend old school Jamaican rhythms with UK-inspired ska. This is the second single from a new album called Reach Out which will be released on April 27th.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Control – Gotts Street Park, Grand Pax
The Ice Queen – Sue Foley
Sunshine (Emma-Jean Thackray remix) – Hector Plimmer, Emma-Jean Thackray
Tuesday Afternoon – A House In The Trees
Personal – Sipprell
Arion – Hanging Valleys
One & Only – Violet Maile
From There – Josin
Garden Party – Plants And Animals
Hotels – Jade The Moon
Wishing On A Star – Rose Royce
Wishing On A Star – Soul And Roll (Luvva Cover feature)
Death Is Elsewhere – Run Logan Run
Tunnel – The Dining Rooms
Eternal Love – Grace Solero
North Cormorant Obscurity – Rykard
Reach Out – The New Town Kings (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
Lagoon – Laura Misch
What’s Real – Bradlee
Miki Dora – Amen Dunes
Horizon - GeeJay

April 14, 2018 12:02 PM PDT

We were drowning in #NewMusic this week! An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. And mostly from artists who you have not heard of - yet!
We had #NewMusic from The Brinks, Ben Harper + Charlie Musselwhite, U.S. Girls, Cold Specks, Spilt Milk Society, Summer Walker, Julia Biel, A.V.I.D (A Voice I Deserve), CIPHERS, Bettye LaVette, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Good Ghost, Clelia Felix, Maff, Jaime Woods, Manipulant and others.
This week's Luvva Cover was wonderful! At the age of 72, the incredible Bettye LaVette has brought out an album of covers of songs by Bob Dylan. He is an incredible songwriter but sometimes his delivery can be a little flat. She has brought them to LIFE! She interprets the lyrics in the way that only Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and the truly great singers can. Do listen to this song on our show and explore her new album Things Have Changed. It is truly wonderful.
Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!
Never Get High Enough When You Buy The Drugs – The Brinks
Movin’ On – Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite
Velvet 4 Sale – U.S. Girls
Wild Card – Cold Specks
Amsterdam – Spilt Milk Society
CPR – Summer Walker
Wasting Breath – Julia Biel
Wildfire – A.V.I.D
Back From The Dead – Ciphers
In Wonderland – Hooverphonic
Things Have Changed – Bob Dylan
Things Have Changed – Bettye LaVette (Luvva Cover feature)
Not In Love We’re Just High – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
April Showers – Good Ghost
Fleurs Du Desert – Clelia Felix
Ravensdale – Monica Heldal
Desfile – Maff
Tide Walks – A Dead Forest Index
I Got You - Jaime Woods
A Fresh Perspective - Manipulant
Running Away – Aydenne Simone, Clinton Paul

April 07, 2018 09:48 AM PDT

Tonight, we had #NewMusic from Azusena + Deafkulture, Umi Copper, Lo-ghost, Zoology, William Ryan Fritch, Diamond Thug, Nomika, Lists, MELLAH, Fionn Regan, Stevie Parker, Laura Veirs, MalloyMusic, Natali Felicia and others.
This week's Luvva Cover feature was a complete transformation of one of Fleetwood Mac's best known songs. This is from Kerala Dust's Fb page: During the winter of last year, we sat down with our friend Brooke Bentham in an unheated basement studio to record something that felt like an appropriate homage to our musical darlings of the past. We’re very proud to be able to finally share our cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ... song that is very dear to all of us. It is an incredible transformation!
Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!
Shiva (Deafkulture remix) - Azusena, Deafkulture
All – Umi Copper
Night Flowers – Lo-Ghost
Sakyra - Zoology
Hook Me Up – Ana Popovic, Robert Randolph
Never Is It Enough – William Ryan Fritch
Sapphire – Diamond Thug
Paris Milkshake – Plastic Mermaids
Indecent Exposure – Nomika
Autumn - Lists
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
The Chain – Kerala Dust, Brooke Bentham (Luvva Cover feature)
Paseo – Mellah
Cormorant Bird – Fionn Regan
Baro Bop – Emma-Jean Thackray’s Walrus
Birds – Maggie Koerner
Blue – Stevie Parker
Everybody Needs You – Laura Veirs
Glow – Malloy
Run Like The River – Natali Felicia
Venus – Becca Stevens, Laura Mvula

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