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After Eight Show - Music That You Just Don't Hear Anywhere Else!
Relaxing, melodic, grown-up music.
Category: Alternative
Location: Essex
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This is a podcast of a music programme that goes out live every Tuesday evening 8-10pm (UK) on switchdunmow.com We play music ...

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April 22, 2018 01:11 PM PDT

We had #NewMusic from Gotts Street Park + Grand Pax, Sue Foley, Hector Plimmer + Emma-Jean Thackray, A House In The Trees, SIPPRELL, Hanging Valleys, Violet Maile, Josin, Plants and Animals, Jade The Moon, Run Logan Run, Grace Solero, Laura Misch, Bradlee, Amen Dunes, GeeJay and others.

Our Luvva Cover feature was from a Spanish band called Soul and Roll. They have taken a classic soul number by Rose Royce and given it almost a bossa feel. Really nice!

Switch Dunmow's Record of the Week was by New Town Kings - a ska-reggae band from just up the A12 in Colchester. They blend old school Jamaican rhythms with UK-inspired ska. This is the second single from a new album called Reach Out which will be released on April 27th.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Control – Gotts Street Park, Grand Pax
The Ice Queen – Sue Foley
Sunshine (Emma-Jean Thackray remix) – Hector Plimmer, Emma-Jean Thackray
Tuesday Afternoon – A House In The Trees
Personal – Sipprell
Arion – Hanging Valleys
One & Only – Violet Maile
From There – Josin
Garden Party – Plants And Animals
Hotels – Jade The Moon
Wishing On A Star – Rose Royce
Wishing On A Star – Soul And Roll (Luvva Cover feature)
Death Is Elsewhere – Run Logan Run
Tunnel – The Dining Rooms
Eternal Love – Grace Solero
North Cormorant Obscurity – Rykard
Reach Out – The New Town Kings (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
Lagoon – Laura Misch
What’s Real – Bradlee
Miki Dora – Amen Dunes
Horizon - GeeJay

April 14, 2018 12:02 PM PDT

We were drowning in #NewMusic this week! An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. And mostly from artists who you have not heard of - yet!
We had #NewMusic from The Brinks, Ben Harper + Charlie Musselwhite, U.S. Girls, Cold Specks, Spilt Milk Society, Summer Walker, Julia Biel, A.V.I.D (A Voice I Deserve), CIPHERS, Bettye LaVette, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Good Ghost, Clelia Felix, Maff, Jaime Woods, Manipulant and others.
This week's Luvva Cover was wonderful! At the age of 72, the incredible Bettye LaVette has brought out an album of covers of songs by Bob Dylan. He is an incredible songwriter but sometimes his delivery can be a little flat. She has brought them to LIFE! She interprets the lyrics in the way that only Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and the truly great singers can. Do listen to this song on our show and explore her new album Things Have Changed. It is truly wonderful.
Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!
Never Get High Enough When You Buy The Drugs – The Brinks
Movin’ On – Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite
Velvet 4 Sale – U.S. Girls
Wild Card – Cold Specks
Amsterdam – Spilt Milk Society
CPR – Summer Walker
Wasting Breath – Julia Biel
Wildfire – A.V.I.D
Back From The Dead – Ciphers
In Wonderland – Hooverphonic
Things Have Changed – Bob Dylan
Things Have Changed – Bettye LaVette (Luvva Cover feature)
Not In Love We’re Just High – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
April Showers – Good Ghost
Fleurs Du Desert – Clelia Felix
Ravensdale – Monica Heldal
Desfile – Maff
Tide Walks – A Dead Forest Index
I Got You - Jaime Woods
A Fresh Perspective - Manipulant
Running Away – Aydenne Simone, Clinton Paul

April 07, 2018 09:48 AM PDT

Tonight, we had #NewMusic from Azusena + Deafkulture, Umi Copper, Lo-ghost, Zoology, William Ryan Fritch, Diamond Thug, Nomika, Lists, MELLAH, Fionn Regan, Stevie Parker, Laura Veirs, MalloyMusic, Natali Felicia and others.
This week's Luvva Cover feature was a complete transformation of one of Fleetwood Mac's best known songs. This is from Kerala Dust's Fb page: During the winter of last year, we sat down with our friend Brooke Bentham in an unheated basement studio to record something that felt like an appropriate homage to our musical darlings of the past. We’re very proud to be able to finally share our cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ... song that is very dear to all of us. It is an incredible transformation!
Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!
Shiva (Deafkulture remix) - Azusena, Deafkulture
All – Umi Copper
Night Flowers – Lo-Ghost
Sakyra - Zoology
Hook Me Up – Ana Popovic, Robert Randolph
Never Is It Enough – William Ryan Fritch
Sapphire – Diamond Thug
Paris Milkshake – Plastic Mermaids
Indecent Exposure – Nomika
Autumn - Lists
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
The Chain – Kerala Dust, Brooke Bentham (Luvva Cover feature)
Paseo – Mellah
Cormorant Bird – Fionn Regan
Baro Bop – Emma-Jean Thackray’s Walrus
Birds – Maggie Koerner
Blue – Stevie Parker
Everybody Needs You – Laura Veirs
Glow – Malloy
Run Like The River – Natali Felicia
Venus – Becca Stevens, Laura Mvula

April 02, 2018 07:30 AM PDT

We had #NewMusic from Henry Green, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Daniel March + Ashley Beedle, Emmaline, Moses Sumney, Martin Carr, Doe Paoro, Alana Henderson, Ashley McBryde, Bird Watcher, The Silver Darlings, Lisa Venturini (Anywhomusic), Red River Dialect and others.
This week's Luvva Cover feature was a beautiful, warm version of a love song by Cigarettes After Sex. The song is called K and is about his relationship with Kristen. This new version is made all the more haunting by the singing of Rosie Carney - a singer/songwriter from Donnegal.
And Switch Dunmow's Record Of The Week was a new single by a London-based singer/songwriter Inbal (INBAL Official). Multilinguist Inbal Croitoro is from Tel Aviv, Israel. Although Inbal’s profile fits that of a singer-songwriter, her primary musical explorations centre around the Alt-Pop-Prog genres. This single is called 'Right Mistakes' and is from her forthcoming EP.
Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!
Something – Henry Green
Hungry Ghost – Hurray For The Riff Raff
Falling For You (Ashley Beedle’s North Street Vocal Remix) – Daniel March, Ashley Beedle
Lost In You – Phillip Larue
Shy – Emmaline
Make Out In My Car – Moses Sumney
A Mess Of Everything – Martin Carr Blind – Doe Paoro
Let This Remain – Alana Henderson
Girl Goin’ Nowhere – Ashley McBryde
K – Cigarettes After Sex
K – Rosie Carney (Luvva Cover feature) I Made A Home For Myself In A Moment – Bird Watcher
Cherry Blossom – The Silver Darlings Right Mistakes – Inbal (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
Chess – Joon Moon
Soundscape – Anywhomusic
Made Of Stars – Robby Kielt
Eyes Still Fixed – Amarillo
Kukkuripa – Red River Dialect
It’ll Rain Today – Michelle Willis

March 25, 2018 05:48 AM PDT

This was our first #BestoftheBest compilation of 2018. Mark and I each chose our #favourite track from each of the previous ten shows - so twenty tracks in all. Two hours of stunning music - most of which is new.

The new music comes from Arctic Lake, KWAYE, Samantha Fish, Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Bud Collins Trio, MAMMÚT, Abi Ocia, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Talitha Rise, Judie Tzuke, Submotion Orchestra, Dean Owens, Ruby Francis, Valerie June, Goldbirds and others.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Too Close – Arctic Lake
Lost In My Boots – Kwaye
Poor Black Mattie – Samantha Fish
Fuadach – Starless
Breathe It In – Ambient Jazz Ensemble
Television Personalities – Bud Collins Trio
Beat Silent Need - Júníus Meyvant
Breathe Into Me - Mammút
Expo – Abi Ocia
An Intention – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Golden Moon – Talitha Rise
Lifeline – Judie Tzuke
Prism – Submotion Orchestra
No Way Around It – Dean Owens
Maggy – ASBESTØS (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
Drip Drop – Ruby Francis
Two Hearts – Valerie June
Higher Than Love – Goldbirds
By My Side – Valley Maker
Other Side – C Duncan
Sciamachy – Ollie Jenkins

March 18, 2018 12:11 PM PDT

This week, we had #NewMusic from Aisha Badru, Vanessa Collier, Elefvnts, Olivia Nelson, Morgan Guerin, Roisin El Cherif, Fred's House, Jim Copperthwaite, Davis John Patton, Albin Lee Meldau, Dan Kobn and others.

This week's Luvva Cover feature was a beautiful, slowed down, acoustic version of an Alanis Morissette song by Steven Wilson- a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!

Live from 8 till 10 on Switch Dunmow in the UK plus, next Tuesday night, Fish Creek Radio and Long Beach Radio Project in the US, Bombshell Radio in Toronto and, on Saturday, CrowZone Radio in the UK - all at 8pm local times.


Fossil Fuels – Aisha Badru
Poisoned The Well – Vanessa Collier
Compassionate Release – Elefvnts
Smother Me – Olivia Nelson
Love Is A Crow – Jealous Of The Birds, Ryan Vail
Four Point One – Sarod By Avi
My Girl Drinks Coffee – Sam Brookes
Rosie – Pieta Brown
Lava – Tender Central, Matthew And The Atlas
Scviamachy – Olly Jenkins
Thank U – Alanis Morissette
Thank You – Steven Wilson (Luvva Cover feature)
Landmark – Morgn Guerin
Half A Life – Roisin El Cherif
Never Gonna Love You – Fred’s House (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
Other Side – C Duncan
N’oublie pas – Riccardo Eberspacher, Livia Collins, Giovanna Famulari, Ruggero Brunetti
Ruins – Jim Copperthwaite
Motives – Davis John Patton
The Weight Is Gone – Albin Lee Meldau
Suns Beating Heart – Dan Kobn

March 11, 2018 03:18 PM PDT

On this week's show, we had #NewMusic from Anna Leone, Quinn Sullivan, nohidea + killedmyself, Goldbirds, AYA, Engine-Earz + Kate Havnevik + Shahid Abbas Khan, Wayfie, Tingvall Trio, ElectroBluesSociety + Jan Hidding, Alxndr London, Maker, Loreen, Amorie, Lyia Meta, Blakey + JONES and others.

Our Luvva Cover was really interesting. The controversial music historian Alan Lomax made a huge number of recordings of various types of ethnic music to compile, in effect, a music museum. One of the albums containing these songs is made up of 'slave' working songs, sung unaccompanied by black prisoners at the Mississippi and Louisiana State Penitentaries and recorded live at Parchman Farm in 1947. Jan Mittendorp and Jesper Mortier (ElectroBluesSociety), two fantastic Dutch musicians who have made a lifetime study of the Blues, have taken one of these songs and given it a contemporary feel. We played some of the original recording and then the whole of this brand new reinterpretation of 'Rosie'. You must give it a listen!

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


My Soul I – Anna Leone
Something For Me – Quinn Sullivan
Watch Out – Tawia
and then it swallowed me – Nohidea, killedmyself
Higher Than Love – Goldbirds
Heal Me Now – AYA
Blue Moon – Engine-Earz Experiment, Kate Havnevik, Shahid Abbas Khan
Radio Silence – wayfie
Vulkanen – Tingvall Trio
By My Side – Valley Maker
Rosie – Alan Lomax recording
Rosie – ElectroBluesSociety, Jan Hidding (Luvva Cover feature)
April – Alxndr London
Freezing Rain – Le Pigeon
Soul – Maker
Water Song – Alden Patterson and Dashwood
’71 Charger – Loreen
Cold – Amorie
Without Walls – Lyia Meta
Can You See – I Don’t Speak French
Prism Of Love – Blakey, JONES

March 03, 2018 09:41 AM PST


We were up to our ears with #NewMusic on this week's show. An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. And mostly from artists who you have not heard of - yet! Think 'next series of Jools' - that's the kind of artists that we play.

We had #NewMusic from Art School Girlfriend, Heather Newman, Super Flu + Solomun, Stables, Algiers, Valerie June, Emilio Mercuri, Elle Watson, Oscar Jerome, Anoushka Lucas + Martin Terefe + Glenn Scott + Karl Brazil, Chris Watkins/Drunk Poets, The Frixion, Ruby Francis, Robert Vincent, Howe Gelb, Kamryn Marie and others.

Our Luvva Cover was released just 3 weeks ago. This is a quote from a review, "No matter how many covers of "Jolene" you've heard, you've never heard one like this!" It is brilliant - a cover by a Brooklyn duo called Death By Piano of Dolly Parton's classic song. You must give it a listen!

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Bending Back – Art School Girlfriend
Burn Me Alive – Heather Newman
Mygut (Solomun remix) – Super Flu, Solomun
Worry - Stables
Death March – Algiers
Birthplace – Flock Of Dimes
Two Hearts – Valerie June
Water’s Fall – Oh So Quiet
House Of The Holy Maids – Enrico Mercuri
Suspended – Elle Watson
Jolene – Dolly Parton
Jolene – Death By Piano (Luvva Cover feature)
Where Are Your Branches (Where Is Your Fruit) – Oscar Jerome
Water Under The Bridge – Anoushka Lucas, Martin Terefe, Glenn Scott, Karl Brazil
Spruce Island Chapel – Chris Watkins, Drunk Poets
Repair Repair – Grace Lightman
Deceive A Believer – The Frixion
Drip Drop – Ruby Francis
So In Love – Robert Vincent
Ownin’ It – Howe Gelb
Second Best – Kamryn Marie

February 26, 2018 06:00 AM PST

In this week's episode, we had #NewMusic from Loney Dear, Alejandro Escovedo, Submotion Orchestra, Adwaith, Julia Biel, Vito Lalinga, Hajk, DateMonth Year, Charles Robinson, Oren Lavie + Vanessa Paradis, Japan Suicide, Paul Littlewood, Dean Owens, Martha Ffion and others.

Switch Dunmow's Record of the Week was a track from the brand new album Noise Of The Wing by LA band UNA. Downtempo electronic / lounge / post trip-hop with elements of jazz, blues and lounge music. And Jen has a Rolls Royce voice!

Our Luvva Cover was a complete reinterpretation of the classic Light My Fire by The Doors. The cover was done by a seminal band called The Free Design whose complex harmonies, jazz-like chord progressions, and off-beat time signatures greatly influenced bands like Stereolab and Super Furry Animals.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Hulls – Loney Dear
Redemption Blues – Alejandro Escovedo
Prism – Submotion Orchestra
Renew You – Andreas Doif
Fel I Fod – Adwaith
Always – Julia Biel
Funk Forever – Vito Lalinga
Flowerdust – Hajk
March – DateMonthYear
Symbol – Sonia Stein
Light My Fire – The Doors
Light My Fire – The Free Design (Luvva Cover feature)
Insomnia – Charles Robinson
Did You Really Say No – Oren Lavie, Vanessa Paradis
Vacancy – UNA (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
The Spine – Darren Korb, Ashley Barrett
Internal Exile – Slate Islands
Circle – Japan Suicide
Television – Paul Littlewood
No Way Around It – Dean Owens
Take Your Name – Martha Ffion

February 18, 2018 06:54 AM PST

An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. And mostly from artists who you have not heard of - yet! Think 'next series of Jools' - that's the kind of artists that we play.

On this show, we had #NewMusic from IDER, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Let's Eat Grandma, Judie Tzuke, UNA, YOU, VICIOUS, Moonlover, Digvalley, Talitha Rise, Kelly McFarling Gurli Octavia McKnight Robb Murphy, Lily Kershaw, Loma, Grapell and others.

Switch Dunmow's Record of the Week is the latest single by London singer / songwriter Sam Key.

And our Luvva Cover was a dramatically different reinterpretation of one of Marvin Gaye's best known songs by My Bubba.

Music that you just don't hear anywhere else!


Body Love – IDER
Find Yourself – Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real
Hot Pink – Let’s Eat Grandma
Another (Acoustic) – Lily Kershaw
Vacancy – UNA
New Style – McKnight
Illegal – André Chaves
Lifeline – Judie Tzuke
Queen Of Sheba – Moonlover
Golden Moon – Talitha Rise
Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
Sexual Healing – My Bubba (Luvva Cover feature)
By The Wall - Tomáš Dvořák
Vagrant – Gurli Octavia
Puzzle In Me – You, Vicious
Both – Kelly McFarling
Sit Back And Enjoy The Show – Sam Key (Switch Dunmow’s Record Of The Week)
North Star – Robb Murphy
I Can’t Tell – Digvalley
Joy – Loma
We Can Only Blame Ourselves - Grapell

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